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Wladimir Balentien gave us the best bat flip of the World Baseball Classic

Was more of a bat-helicopter, really.

Baseball: World Baseball Classic-Netherlands at Puerto Rico Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The best part about the World Baseball Classic? More raw, supernova emotions. Fewer stuffy pitchers with antiquated notions about unwritten rules. And bat flips. Sweet, sweet bat flips.

This is Wladimir Balentien, who hit 60 (!) home runs a couple years ago for the Yakult Swallows. This one should have counted for at least a dozen:

If you stop the video at just the right time, it looks like he gives Jorge Lopez a bat-mustache as the crowd behind him says “Oooooohhhhhhh” in unison.

This is a very good baseball home run.

(Note: About two minutes later, there was another very good baseball home run. It appears as if the WBC is rife with them. Good work, fellas.)