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There was Legend of Zelda organ music in the WBC, and it should be a trend

For a couple seconds, Dodger Stadium was magical.

Entertainment: Electronic Expo Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know if Ryosuke Kikuchi asked for this as his walk-up song, or if the Dodger Stadium organist was just plowing through a list of songs, but this was perfect:

This should be a Dodger Stadium standard. If you’re not for this, you’re for “EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS” and other abominations. Sweet organ music, playing classic video game themes (we’ll also accept classic movie and TV themes), is what baseball really needs to move back into the future.

Other suggestions:

1. A submarine pitcher coming out of the bullpen to World 1-2 music

Natural and intimidating.

2. Dee Gordon or Billy Hamilton coming out to Sonic the Hedgehog music

In this analogy, a really good fastball would make them both lose all their rings.

3. A rookie coming out to Shovel Knight music

This is a way of saying, “I respect your traditions, and I endeavor to improve upon them.” It would be a classy thing for a rookie to do, and I think veterans would respect it.

4. Mark Trumbo, Aaron Judge, or Giancarlo Stanton coming out to Guile’s Theme

As large men who are responsible for sonic booms, this is only natural. We can have Chris Sale take the mound to the music from Dhalsim’s stage, too.

5. This stupid song from Bust a Move 2 that’s been stuck in my head for 20 years

I don’t care which team or player uses it, I just want people to suffer like I have suffered. Also, I want you to suffer like I have suffered.

Click on that song.


Suffer with me.

Also, I like the video up there where the guy walked up to the plate to the Zelda theme. Thank you.