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Celtics announcer would’ve ‘thrown a bottle’ if Marcus Smart didn't get a call on this shot

Tommy Heinsohn broke out the hyperbole after a ridiculous buzzer-beater by Smart.

Marcus Smart nailed an and-one circus shot to beat the third quarter buzzer, and iconic Celtics announcer Tommy Heinsohn was ready to go to war for him if a foul wasn’t called. Heinsohn may be a well-known homer, but he had a point here — Smart clearly got fouled before throwing up a prayer of a one-handed floater that banked in anyway.

Smart had been called for a charge in the first half, and Heinsohn was positive this one deserved a different ruling.

“If they had called a foul on Marcus that time, I would have got up and thrown a bottle at that guy,” said Heinsohn, who joined the Celtics broadcast television team in 1981.

That’s Tommy for you. (Obviously, he didn’t mean it, I feel I should write just to make it clear.) Meanwhile, what a shot by Smart.