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NFL teams may soon be allowed to opt out of Color Rush uniforms

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Yes. This idea is good.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

All 32 teams had Color Rush uniforms designed by Nike last year, but at least one team would prefer to be left out. Washington has proposed a bylaw that would permit clubs to opt out of wearing the Color Rush uniforms on Thursday Night Football.

Their reasoning for the proposition? “Garish uniforms.”

Many fans would agree. The Color Rush uniforms are — well — mostly awful. The Jacksonville Jaguars had to wear mustardy, urine-colored jerseys that even quarterback Blake Bortles called awful and the Miami Dolphins looked like walking Creamsicles.

There are some hits, but there are also a whole bunch of misses.

Washington has, so far, managed to avoid wearing Color Rush uniforms altogether, and would apparently like to keep it that way. In 2015, only eight teams wore the specially designed uniforms, and in 2016, Washington dodged the uniforms because it played a nationally televised Thanksgiving game on FOX rather than a Thursday Night Football broadcast.

Still, Nike designed a uniform for Washington just like every other NFL team (that’s Trent Williams in gold on the far right):

The proposition, along with other rule changes, will be voted on during the NFL’s annual owner meetings, which are scheduled to begin Sunday in Phoenix. The colorblind and those who just don’t like garish uniforms can officially start crossing their fingers that change is coming soon.