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Chicago Bulls' 'Beauty and the Beast' remake features Robin Lopez as Gaston

Belle just wants to catch a Bulls game.

With the Beauty and the Beast film coming out in theaters, the Chicago Bulls decided to make their own. They, however, didn’t release it in a theater. The Bulls released their own version, Beauty and the Bull, on their Snapchat.

It’s an impressive rendition featuring Bulls-specific tunes that capture the whimsy of Beauty and the Beast. Benny the Bull and the Luvabulls make an appearance as Belle tries to find the Bulls game. The best part of the story has to be that the villain is Robin Lopez who plays Robon (a combination of Robin and Gaston), which is fitting since Lopez has beefed it with mascots before.

The Chicago Bulls are taking Snapchat stories to completely different place. We need a remake of other Disney movies featuring NBA players for Snapchat. Can you imagine a Little Mermaid Snapchat remake? Or how about a reboot of Toy Story, featuring Enes Kanter and Steven Adams?

The Bulls will surely win whatever the Snapchat equivalent of an Academy Award is.