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Are the Bears the new Browns?

Self-inflicted quarterback futility? Check. Chicago’s one Tim Couch away from replacing the Browns as the NFL’s sorriest franchise.

142nd Kentucky Derby - Arrivals Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

For more than a decade, the Cleveland Browns have been a reliable stable for any and all NFL coverage. A sad-sack team that's ongoing futility made for an easy punch line. Part of that was the team's struggle to find a quarterback, usually a problem of its own making. But now the Browns seem to be on the upswing, hoarding draft picks and laying out a plan for the future. So who's our ready-made foil now?

The Chicago Bears.

Look no further than Chicago's quarterback room. Early in free agency, the Bears gave Mike Glennon a three-year, $45 million deal in the hopes that he can be their starter and a bridge to a yet-to-be-defined something better. On Friday morning, they made their latest QB addition official, announcing that Mark Sanchez would be wearing a Bears uniform this season.

I'm sure the Lions and Packers are shaking in their boots over the threat they'll face from the Bears now.

Beyond Sanchez and Glennon, they have David Fales and Connor Shaw on the roster too. As Adam Schefter notes, the Bears are now unlikely to draft a quarterback this year.

That assessment might be a little premature. Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer scored a private interview with the Bears after his pro day this week ... all because he wore a "Chicago" band t-shirt.

Still, we're a long way from that being an actuality, and until further notice, Chicago’s bridge to the future now looks more like a bridge to nowhere.