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13 best things from the NFL coaches photo in Phoenix

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There’s a lot going on here, folks.

The NFL owners meeting is going on in Phoenix and, as is tradition, the coaches of the 32 teams lined up for a picture. It’s quite possibly our favorite part of the meetings every year. Bill Belichick, for a second consecutive year, was absent from the photo. Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase was as well.

While it’s not the official one, Arizona Cardinals VP of Media Relations Mark Dalton posted a photo with 30 of the 32 coaches together, and there’s a lot going on here.

  1. Either Pete Carroll is asking Mike Tomlin if he’s ever heard that he looks like Omar Epps, or if he listens to Info Wars.

2. Sean McVay must like the watch that Kyle Shanahan bought with his new head coaching contract with the 49ers the way he’s looking at it.

3. John Harbaugh is in mid-sneeze.

4. Jay Gruden looks like he wants to fight somebody.

5. Dan Quinn is thinking about running the ball.

6. Quinn needed a new evil twin after Gus Bradley was fired by the Jaguars. His replacement? New Bills coach Sean McDermott.

7. The Raiders only got approved to move to Las Vegas today, but Jack Del Rio already looks like he has a Vegas hangover.

8. Jason Garrett and Chuck Pagano are probably discussing sunglasses.

9. Mike Zimmer is absolutely ready for this picture, while Ben McAdoo just tries to look like a human being.

10. Or maybe Zimmer farted, based on Marvin Lewis’ look.

11. Hue Jackson wants in on whatever conversation is being had between Vance Joseph and Mike McCarthy (who is rocking a sweet beard).

12. John Fox is all, “Hello darkness, my old friend.”

13. Look at Andy Reid, keeping that Hawaiian shirt tradition going.

Oh hey look, here’s Bill Belichick, and we can’t decide which is the most unlikely part of this photo: that he looks like he lives in cargo shorts, that he’s wearing (and presumably owns!) flip-flops, or that he’s talking to Roger Goodell.

On second thought, it’s definitely the “talking to Roger Goodell” one.

The actual photo turned out pretty nice in comparison to the off-guard shot:

In the photo: (top row L-R) Mike Tomlin, Pete Carroll, Ron Rivera, Mike Mularkey, Doug Marrone, Jason Garrett, Chuck Pagano, John Fox, Andy Reid, Anthony Lynn, Sean Payton, Hue Jackson, Mike McCarthy, Vance Joseph (bottom row L-R) Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay, John Harbaugh, Jay Gruden, Dan Quinn, Bill O’Brien, Sean McDermott, Jack Del Rio, Doug Pederson, Marvin Lewis, Mike Zimmer, Ben McAdoo, Dirk Koetter, Jim Caldwell, Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles.