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Only 1 person said anything remotely interesting about Tony Romo at the NFL owners meetings

Plenty of questions were asked about Romo, but everyone had little to say.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo has been one of the biggest stories of this offseason, despite the fact that he’s still on the Dallas Cowboys roster and no moves have been made to change that. That didn’t stop reporters from asking plenty of questions about Romo at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix.

Romo’s under contract with the Cowboys, which means that teams have to tread lightly to avoid tampering. Still, coaches and general managers had the most vanilla things possible to say about the veteran signal caller. We’re here to cut through the noise and rank the latest comments about Romo from least to most insightful.

5. Jason Garrett said essentially nothing

The only team that can discuss Romo’s status with the media is the Cowboys, but Jason Garrett had the least substantial thing to say about it.

"It's really unchanged," Garrett said to NFL Network's Steve Wyche on Monday. "He's still part of our roster. We haven't made any roster moves with Tony at this point. So it's just status quo right now."

He then said the same exact thing on Tuesday:

Wow, thanks for that hard-hitting insight, Garrett.

4. Bill O’Brien tells us what we already know

The Houston Texans traded last year’s free agency mistake, Brock Osweiler, to the Cleveland Browns, and they’re in desperate need of a signal caller.

"Tony Romo is under contract,” O’Brien said, via ESPN’s Ed Werder. “He's a heck of a quarterback. That's all I can say.''

O’Brien made it clear that he is definitely not involved in any talks with the Cowboys about Romo.

“I have had no conversations with the Cowboys,” O’Brien said. “I’m a coach.”

3. John Elway says the Broncos are happy with Siemian and Lynch

Denver is considered a prime landing spot for Romo thanks to the struggles experienced by young quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch last season. Regardless, general manager John Elway told KUSA’s Mike Klis that the topic of Romo “never came up” at league meetings. Elway didn’t stop there.

"Right now we are happy with our quarterback situation,” Elway said to Adam Schefter on ESPN’s Around the NFL.

The combo of Siemian and Lynch led last season’s 27th-ranked offense, but we believe you’re happy with the quarterback situation, John. If you say so.

2. Vance Joseph says Romo is a “non-issue”

The Broncos’ new head coach was more decisive in his comments about Romo’s possible fit in Denver.

“Romo is a non‐issue. He’s under contract,” Joseph said Tuesday. “For us it’s a non‐issue. We haven’t had one meeting about Romo. We’ve got these two young guys that we’re focused on right now.”

While Joseph’s comment was firmer than Elway’s, the sentiment was the same and we’re not buying it.

1. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport calls it as he sees it

Rapoport’s not a coach or a GM, but he tops the list as the only person who said anything noteworthy about Romo:

There’s no end in sight to people saying meaningless things about Tony Romo.