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The internet voted to keep Greg Hardy off an arena team roster

The Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles asked, and fans said no.

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

An indoor football team in Salt Lake City called the Screaming Eagles posed a controversial question to its fans yesterday: Should the team sign former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy? The fans responded, and the answer was no.

The Screaming Eagles crowdsource other things through the team’s app, like play calls. In its statement to fans about the Hardy decision, the Screaming Eagles said Hardy had the unanimous support of the coaching staff, as long as fans agreed with the decision to bring him on board.

Fans had to actually sign up for an account through the app, and that process includes providing personal information like a home address. The results were very close to even, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, but the “no” votes ended up taking a slight majority.

If Hardy had been signed, he would have been activated immediately and taken the field for the Screaming Eagles on Friday, according to Rovell.

Hardy faced domestic violence charges in 2014 with the Carolina Panthers. He was suspended, initially for 10 games, but it was reduced to four games on appeal. After one tumultuous season with the Dallas Cowboys, Hardy found himself without an NFL team. He was arrested in September in Dallas and charged with possession of cocaine.

Crowdsourcing personnel decisions is a slippery slope in general, but at least in this case a small majority of Screaming Eagles fans opted to pass on Hardy.