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Scot McCloughan was ‘feeling the hate’ from Washington president Bruce Allen before firing

Scot McCloughan denies reports that alcoholism was a reason for his firing in Washington.

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Scot McCloughan was fired as Washington’s general manager earlier in March, and hasn’t spoken to media since parting ways with the team. But the first glimpse at his side of the story was revealed Thursday, when his friend, former NFL fullback Michael Robinson, spoke on The Wes McElroy Show.

Robinson even detailed parts of the less-than-cordial ending to McCloughan’s time with the team that included a battle with team president Bruce Allen.

"He knew the players loved him, and he started feeling the hate from Bruce Allen right around, well, he’s been feeling it, but when they didn’t let him speak (to reporters) at the Senior Bowl, he said to him that was his last straw, and he knew that he was on his way out," Robinson said on McElroy's show, via the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

"He said it was after a draft meeting, after the combine, Bruce called him up to his office and was just like, ‘Nobody likes you in this building. Nobody wants you here.’ And Scot was like, 'Well, I guess I’m out of here.'"

Citing sources within the organization, the Washington Post reported that the firing was due to “multiple relapses” with alcohol, which reportedly played a factor into his firings from jobs with the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks. One team official told the Post that McCloughan “showed up in the locker room drunk on multiple occasions.”

However, players for the team said they never saw McCloughan drunk in the locker room and both his agent and Robinson refuted the claim that he was struggling with alcoholism.

"He said, 'Mike, I don’t have an issue right now drinking,'" Robinson said of his conversation with McCloughan. "'I haven’t touched a drink in a while. But of course, they wouldn’t let me say it because they silenced me.'"

Conflicts between McCloughan and Allen reportedly began long before the 2017 offseason, and the end of the organization’s relationship with the executive looked to be in the cards before finally ending earlier in March.

McCloughan’s career in the NFL began in 1994 as a scout for the Green Bay Packers. He climbed his way to become the general manager of the 49ers in 2008 and served two years as the general manager in Washington before he was fired.