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Are the Cavaliers actually in trouble?

Or, are we overreacting? That’s the subject of the latest Limited Upside podcast.

OK, it’s time to worry about the Cavaliers. They lost 10 games in March, marking only the second time in LeBron James’ career that his team suffered a double-digit losing month. The Nets — the Nets! -- have won more games since March 1. Only the Lakers have a worse defensive efficiency since the All-Star break.

Or ... is it time to worry about the Cavaliers? LeBron’s teams always have a midseason hiccup and everything works out just fine in May and June. It’s natural to be bored after last year’s incredible championship run, isn’t it?

Chris Manning, editor of SB Nation’s Cavaliers site Fear the Sword, joins the show this week to figure out which of those last two paragraphs is more on the nose.

Among the topics discussed:

  • How big a problem is that terrible defense? What can be done to fix it?
  • This is just boredom, right? Can they flip the switch?
  • Is it fair to note that the Cavaliers have dealt with injuries and a tough schedule, or are those excuses?
  • How concerned is it that LeBron James has played so many minutes?
  • What does this recent stretch say about Tyronn Lue’s coaching ability?
  • OK, so let’s say there are real problems here. Who can actually beat them in the East?
  • If the Cavaliers do snap back into place, does this mean that March regular-season basketball is irrelevant?
  • Can we blame Cleveland’s problems on Kyrie Irving’s flat earth theory?

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