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Brandin Cooks is worth more than the Patriots’ 32nd pick.

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New England was interested enough in the Saints receiver to put an offer on the table, but New Orleans wanted more.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans has been dangling receiver Brandin Cooks in front of teams all week, trying to entice someone into swapping draft picks for the three-year veteran. The Patriots were intrigued enough to offer up the 32nd-overall pick, according to, but that wasn’t enough for the Saints to make a deal.

Cooks trade rumors have been bouncing around all week at the combine. The other two teams cited in the rumors are the Eagles and the Titans.

Tennessee has the fifth-overall pick, acquired in the Jared Goff trade with the Rams last year, and their own 18th pick. Philadelphia has the 14th pick, which they got from the Vikings in the Sam Bradford deal.

Cooks is definitely worth a first-round pick. Productive wide receivers aren’t easy to find, and Cooks has topped 1,100 yards over in each of the last two seasons with the Saints and scored 17 touchdowns in that time.

It probably doesn’t hurt that his quarterback is Drew Brees. He could probably put up similar numbers with Tom Brady throwing him the ball.