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The Buffalo Bills can now play a 740-pound backfield with just a QB, RB, and FB

They can, and they must.

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are starting off free agency with the greatest haul of them all: a pair of fullbacks. Patrick DiMarco, from the Falcons, and Mike Tolbert, most recently from the Panthers, boast a combined five Pro Bowls. That’s great and all, but the more important fact here is that they weigh a combined 490 pounds.

Entering the season with two fullbacks on the roster would be a rarity in the modern NFL, where there are about as many teams with zero as there are with one. In recent years, only one of every seven or so NFL plays even features a fullback.

But Tolbert is reportedly being signed as a running back after being listed as a fullback in seven of his nine seasons and could be used as a short-yardage ball-carrier. With DiMarco currently considered the NFL’s best FB, that clears a lane for both to be in the backfield at the same time.

But we can go larger.

On Buffalo’s depth chart remains Cardale Jones, all 6’5 and 250 pounds of him. Never forget that time he made a defensive lineman in the National Championship look like a safety.


Cardale only had 11 throws and one scramble as a rookie, and perhaps remains too lightly experienced overall to be put in charge of a full offense, but his hilarious talents must be used in a short-yardage situation at some point this season.

And now he has the appropriately ample accompaniment.

Plenty of teams have trotted out defensive linemen or extra offensive linemen in the backfield in order to beef up goal line packages.

The Bills, however, might be in position to send out the NFL’s biggest nothing-but-backs backfield since the 2007 Giants had 275-pound QB Jared Lorenzen and 255-pound RB Brandon Jacobs, if one of these Bills gains just a couple of winter-proofing pounds.

I don’t think we’ve seen the potential for a regular backfield this immense since the 2008 Raiders had 260-pound QB JaMarcus Russell, a couple fullbacks in the 230s, and 240-pound halfback Michael Bush.

And finally, the Bills should sign lineman Dontari Poe, the heaviest person to ever throw an NFL TD, for any gimmick formation needs.

I believe they owe it to the American people to make it happen.