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Joe Thomas called out United Airlines for violently dragging passenger from plane

Thomas was unhappy with the force used against the customer.

A video of a man violently being dragged from an overbooked United Airlines flight went viral Monday morning, and Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas was one of many people who were upset with the incident.

Thomas compared the police dragging the man to what he does to defenders on Sundays. Unfortunately for former Steelers linebacker James Farrior, he was Thomas’ example:

Thomas knows a thing or two about violently dragging people. It probably should remain on the football field, just as he indicated.

Thomas also tweeted a poll with regards to the situation:

The incident happened Sunday, when United requested that the man give up his spot on the overbooked flight. After not having enough volunteers, passengers were then selected.

After the man reportedly refused, he was violently pulled from the flight by security.

The incident occurred at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, on a flight that was bound for Louisville.

United eventually put out a statement apologizing to the customer.