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Minor league teams are arguing. Are you team bacon or team taco?

Which food is the best?

The Fresno Grizzlies and Lehigh Valley IronPigs are two minor league baseball teams passionate about food. Specifically, tacos and bacon. The teams are in a war over which food is better, complete with online voting for fans to pick their favorite food (that’s at

We were immediately inspired. Many people who love sports also love food containing 1) grease and 2) meats.

But which is actually better? Bacon, or tacos? We had some folks weigh in.

Team Tacos

Bacon is good, but it doesn’t compare to tacos. Just on the customization options alone, tacos win. Don’t like steak? Okay, then you can get chicken, ground beef, fish, cow tongue, tripe — literally anything. That’s not even counting what you put on the tacos once you choose your meat or meat substitute. Personally, I get tacos with pickled onions and habanero peppers. That’s probably not your thing, and that’s fine. Make your tacos your own. I didn’t even mention the type of tortillas you can choose from. Tacos can be as unique as the people ordering them. — Hector Diaz

Tacos are like snowflakes, every one is unique. As Hector so brilliantly put it, there is a wide variety of things you can put on your tacos. Your tacos can also be housed by a hard or soft shell, catering to the desires and needs of your taste buds and mouth structure. Tacos can be sweet, spicy, cold, hot, any way that your heart desires, and that’s why they are better than bacon. One day I might want some cold chicken tacos with a soft shell, and the next day, I can be in the mood for warm/hot beef tacos with a hard shell. Bacon can only be enjoyed in a warm or hot state, with much fewer options for customization to make your taste buds jump for joy. Yes, you should love things for what they are (bacon), but why not make your dream meal in the form of a taco? — Harry Lyles Jr.

Team Bacon

I love a good taco. Truly, I do. There are so many different kinds that can be so much better than your basic ground beef. However, bacon wins. I’m sorry. Tacos are a full-on meal in and of themselves which is all well and good for them, but bacon is such an amazing food accessory. You can have it on or around your breakfast items, your eggs, your burritos, your bagels, etc. But you can also have it on burgers, in pasta, salad, on DONUTS (maple bacon donuts are a gift from above and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), and in a myriad of other places. Tacos can be customized, but bacon is the customizer, if you will. When has bacon ever made a food worse? Never, that’s when.

One caveat I do have is that the bacon has to be well-cooked. None of that floppy stuff, only the crunchiest pieces for me. So crisp, you can almost taste the carcinogens. — Molly Podlesny

Let’s be honest with ourselves here — bacon is perhaps the most amazing piece of meat ever crafted from the tasty flesh of animals. It can be made several different ways, and cooked to several different levels of crispiness and still taste amazing. Like your bacon limp? No problem. So crisp that it stands straight when you pick it up? Done. Want savory bacon? It comes that way! How about candied bacon? Not a problem. Dip that tasty amazingness in chocolate? You bet! And you can do all of that with the cheapest bacon you can find. But cheap tacos? Are Taco Bell tacos really even tacos? Is that even meat? Bacon is easily identifiable. The stuff that companies stick in tacos? Not so much. A high-end taco? That’s just a cheap piece of food they charge you extra for and for no good reason (and I’ve had some pretty great high-end tacos). But bacon? Top-quality bacon can be uplifting. Don’t believe me? Try Mangalitsa bacon. Oh, lord, it is so good. So. Damn. Good. My mouth is watering just writing those words down. I’m sorry — I have to go cook now. —- Sam Eggleston

Please do not get it twisted — an authentic, bare bones corn tortilla taco can be one of the most amazing bites in the world.

But let’s get real. That’s not what we’re talking about here.

Tacos are now trendy. “Taco Tuuuuuesday!!” you shout over a watered-down margarita, as you caption your overhead Instagram shot with something terrible like “let’s taco bout it” and shove another bullshit “fusion" taco into your mouth, because you’re a millennial and that’s what you’re supposed to do but really, you want to die inside.

Bacon? Bacon is there for you. It transcends the limitations of a mere dish and is instead regarded as a premium ingredient, capable of both hitting the game winner or sneaking in the necessary assist.

That metamorphosis is what gives bacon the edge in this debate. Bacon’s the perfect accompaniment to your eggs in the morning. It’s the show-stealer adorning your Bloody Mary during a hangover, gently whispering, “it’s gonna be okay.” It’s jazzing up your healthy-ish salad at lunch. It’s wrapped perfectly around a succulent shrimp for a flavor explosion in one bite. Hell, it’s even candied and crumbled over your dessert to give it that final salty-sweet punch it needs to take it over the top.

Tacos may be trendy, but bacon ... bacon is forever. — Dayana Sarkisova

* * *

So, which really wins? Did we truly decide here? Tell us in the comments. In the meantime, I think we can all sit back and enjoy some bacon sprinkled on our tacos.