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Are the Browns going to screw it up by drafting a QB over Myles Garrett?

It makes so much sense for the Browns to draft Myles Garrett, but the team is reportedly considering a different direction.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are expected to take Myles Garrett with the first overall pick. It’s such a sensible move that it almost seems like a foregone conclusion. But the Browns, who have started 26 quarterbacks in 18 seasons, may take a quarterback with the top pick, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Garrett is a player who could come in and make an impact for Cleveland from day one. While the team does desperately need to find a franchise quarterback, there’s no signal caller in this draft who is worthy of the top pick. The Browns have 11 picks to work with, including the first overall pick and the No. 12 pick, and there should be a quarterback available at 12.

There are reports that the team isn’t settled on that approach, though, as Dawgs By Nature suggests, this could all just be a smokescreen to keep the Browns’ draft strategy under wraps.

Why wouldn’t the Browns take Garrett?

Everyone assumes the Browns will take Garrett at No. 1. A staggering 98.6 percent of mock drafts project the pass rusher out of Texas A&M to Cleveland with the top pick. But when he was asked about it at the owners’ meetings last month, Hue Jackson wouldn’t confirm the Browns would go in that direction.

SB Nation’s Stephen White doesn’t think Garrett is worth the first overall pick. White says he was “a bit underwhelmed” by Garrett’s tape, and he has some questions about Garrett’s motor.

The Browns do need a quarterback. There’s been instability at the position since Cleveland drafted Tim Couch with the top pick in 1999. Currently, the Browns have Cody Kessler, Brock Osweiler and Kevin Hogan under contract. Kessler showed some promise when healthy last season, but there’s an expectation that the Browns will try to draft a player who can be a long-term solution to its quarterback woes.

Could the Browns take a quarterback with the first overall pick?

They could, but it might be a mistake. Most analysts don’t see any quarterback in this class good enough to justify the top pick. While it is a legitimate need for Cleveland, there could be a quarterback available to the Browns at No. 12 who could develop into the signal caller the team needs.

The Browns have their eye on one quarterback in particular.

The big question about Trubisky is his single season of starting experience and whether he’s prepared to be a starter at the next level. That could give teams pause, and in theory, he should be available with the Browns pick at No. 12. The problem is that other teams with long-term needs at that position, like the 49ers Bears, and Jets, all pick before the Browns get back on the clock for the 12th selection.

Trubisky isn’t the only option for the Browns if they do decide to use the top pick on a quarterback. The 1.4 percent of mock drafts that don’t project Garrett to Cleveland with the top pick all have Deshaun Watson going first overall.

If the Browns do take a quarterback with the top pick, Garrett said he’s going to “punish” them for the next 10 to 12 years.

“I'll knock your QB out of the game every time we play you, and I'll have to kick the hell out of No. 1, whoever it is,” Garrett said in an interview with ESPN The Magazine.

Could this be a smokescreen?

It almost certainly is. It’s only reasonable that the Browns don’t want to tip their hand and give other teams a glimpse of their draft strategy.

The Browns have to be weighing all of their options, including trading away that first overall pick to stock up on more picks. Cleveland is in full rebuilding mode, and they need to add a lot of talent to be competitive after winning just one game last season.

“We're going to responsibly listen to any opportunities that are out there,” Browns general manager Sashi Brown said at the combine. “I think we have to do that.”

There will be quarterbacks available at No. 12. It’s logical for Cleveland to land Garrett with the top pick and then, if Trubisky and Watson are no longer available, look to someone like DeShone Kizer or Patrick Mahomes with the 12th pick.

Don’t forget the Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors that circulated earlier this spring either. Floating this rumor could even be a way to get the Patriots to lower their asking price in hopes of regaining some draft capital.

There’s always a chance the Browns bypass Garrett and focus on the quarterback position with the top pick. It is Cleveland, so anything can happen, but it wouldn’t be the smartest move.