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How Super Bowl teams outsmart their competition in the NFL draft

There aren’t necessarily hard and fast rules, but the trends tell a story.

On the latest episode of Future Consideration, we take a deep dive and look to see if the past 10 teams to appear in the Super Bowl (five years of conference champions) do anything in the NFL draft that deviates from the NFL average. These teams include multiple Patriots, Seahawks, and Broncos squads, as well as the Panthers, Falcons, 49ers, and Ravens.

In doing this, we broke down picks by side of the ball and position groups on day one (first round), day two (second and third rounds), and day three (fourth through seventh rounds).

With this in mind, we answered the following questions:

• How and by whom is offensive skill (QB, RB, WR, TE) valued early and everywhere in the draft by Super Bowl teams vs. the NFL average?

• What side of the ball and position group do Super Bowl teams overwhelmingly focus on early?

• Where do Super Bowl teams value later round picks vs. the league average?

... and much more!