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What does the 'Oh no baby what! is you doing???' meme have to do with sports?

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More than you think!

Oh no baby what! is you doing???

I am explaining to you that one of March’s finest memes is also sports. You may recognize this screenshot as it galloped across your timeline last month and into your heart.

The screenshot comes from a video of two internet personalities “trespassing” at Anthony Davis’ house. Yeah, that Anthony Davis.

Nick: This Michael Jordan’s house baby? Noo.

32, not 23. Close, though.

There he is! At first I didn’t recognize the Brow with that hat on, but it’s him alright.

The video personalities are Nick Joseph and Dan Rue, who post their various hijinks on Instagram @nicknpattiwhack_ and @danrue. Rue is usually the one doing the hard work, like climbing or wiggling his legs in the “Peter Pan Dance.” Joseph just watches and records with seemingly mild concern.

I’m not sure which is funnier, their adventures, or Nick’s narrative style. They’ve also got another video of Odell Beckham Jr.

Apparently the two, or Rue at least, are good friends with the Giants receiver.

Of course, now that we know Davis and Beckham Jr. in on the fun, the rest of the videos of alleged shoplifting attempts and one of the pranksters stealing a monkey are a bit less believable.

Doesn’t matter, though, because these guys have already sealed their place on the meme calendar.