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Patrick Beverley was so intense against the Thunder that even J.J. Watt was impressed

Watt was on hand to see Beverley take a big hit and still bring the heat.

J.J. Watt, Houston’s most beloved athlete along with Rockets guard James Harden, was in attendance for the Rockets’ Game 1 matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Rockets came out with a 118-87 win, and got a big game out of Patrick Beverley, who had 21 points and 10 rebounds on the evening.

Beverley’s intensity left a lasting impact on Watt.

During the game, Beverley took a big hit on a screen from the Thunder’s Steven Adams that put him on the hardwood.

Watt was ready to go to battle for Beverley after the screen. “That dude knocks him out, I was like, ‘OK, we may have a problem here,’” Watt said on Monday. “‘You’re messing with my guy Pat.’”

Beverley’s intensity is something that Watt enjoyed. “I’m sitting there on the sidelines and I’m getting fired up wanting to get in the game.”

At one moment, Beverley came over to Watt and stared at him for 15 seconds. “I was like, ‘Pat, I don’t know what you want me to do here man. I can’t really do anything.’ He was just staring me down,” Watt said.

“My girlfriend looked at me and was like, ‘That was kind of cool and it was kind of awkward all at the same time.’ I was like, “Yeah it was. I didn’t know what to do.’ But he just has a way of getting you fired up,” Watt said.

To be fair, Beverley did get really fired up, even after he was sent flying to the floor:

There are not too many folks who can take a huge screen from Adams like that, and still come back with a fiery intensity like Beverley did.

“He just has a way of getting you fired up,” Watt said. “He is, he’s like the wolverine out there. He is fearless.”

There’s not too many people out there who could show an intensity that impresses a guy like Watt, but Beverley did just that.