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Russell Westbrook doesn't 'give a f***' about his 51-point triple-double because Thunder lost

Westbrook had no time for this question.

On Wednesday, Russell Westbrook set a franchise record and had the highest scoring playoff triple-double in NBA history: 51 points, 10 rebounds and 13 assists. Westbrook didn’t really care about that, though.

“I don’t give a fuck about my stat line,” Westbrook told reporters afterwards. “We lost.”

Despite Westbrook’s absurd line, he shot 4-of-18 in the fourth quarter as the Thunder were outscored by seven points in a 115-111 loss. The narratives following this game will center around him and his extreme shot taking, with little shot making to go with it. I’d argue that the Thunder accepted this style of play, but no one is saying Westbrook is blameless, either.

Beyond that quote, Westbrook was clearly brusque throughout his post-game press conference.

Westbrook has never been the most talkative guy, and after a Game 2 loss that put his team down 2-0 in the postseason, no one should be expecting speech-like answers from him.