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The Texans teased their Deshaun Watson pick on Twitter 2 hours before making it

Houston all but announced its pick on Twitter.

Half an hour before the 2017 NFL draft began, the NFL tweeted the following, showing a card with Clemson QB Deshaun Watson’s name on it:

Houston added this, despite holding the No. 25 pick.

Two hours later, the Texans traded up 13 spots to take Watson as the third QB off the board. Subtle!

Watson was picked after North Carolina’s Mitchell Trubisky to the Bears and Patrick Mahomes to the Chiefs. But there’s an easy argument that he’s the best quarterback in the class, and college football fans would be eager to make it. After he torched Nick Saban’s Alabama in consecutive National Championships, winning the second one, college fans would follow this dude into the gates of ... well, Houston, for sure.

Houston’s also arguably the best spot for a rookie QB to land, given that the team made the playoffs a year earlier, already has weapons on offense, and might have the NFL’s best defensive player in JJ Watt. Watson’s set up to keep winning.

Deshaun Watson draft profile from Shakin the Southland:

Deshaun Watson is without a doubt the most NFL ready quarterback in this draft. If nothing else helps his case, his blend of poise and elite play in big games sets him apart from all other quarterbacks in this draft. Not to mention, he has won three times as many college football games as Mitchell Trubisky has played in. Oh, it also doesn’t hurt that he torched the notorious Alabama defense two years in a row.