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Brian Dawkins pumped up Philadelphia with the most electrifying speech during the NFL draft

This is how you get a crowd excited.

Brian Dawkins gave one of the best speeches we’ve ever seen at the NFL draft to open up Saturday.

Speaking in front of a Philadelphia crowd that he played in front of for 13 seasons, he came up to the podium and started by yelling, “Yeah, baby!” From then, we knew it was on.

He told the Philadelphia contingent that it should be proud of itself and to “Let all the haters hate. Don’t worry about the haters. Be you.”

Dawkins then led the crowd in singing the Eagles fight song, “Fly, Eagles Fly.” It was probably the happiest the crowd had been all weekend since the draft started.

The former NFL safety showed off the same fiery passion that he had for so many years while wreaking havoc on NFL wide receivers.