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Jeff Fisher is trying to ruin another young quarterback and he's not even coaching in the NFL

Bears head coach John Fox turned his old pal for advice about how to handle a franchise QB. UH OH!

SiriusXM At The 2017 NFL Draft Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SiriusXM

The Bears are already taking some heat for their decision to trade up one spot in the first round of the draft, a move they probably didn’t need to make to get North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Either way, he’s the new face of their franchise, and that’s a job that takes a special level of mentoring and coaching to make it successful.

Head coach John Fox has got his work cut out for him. Fortunately for the Bears and Trubisky, Fox has turned to a friend, a long-time NFL head coach who knows a proven track record for developing rookie quarterbacks — Jeff Fisher.

Yes, well-known quarterback whisperer Jeff Fisher. Who better to turn to for advice on turning a highly drafted quarterback into the cornerstone the team imagined he would be when they drafted him.

Over the course of his mediocre 22-year career, Fisher’s teams have drafted three quarterbacks in the first round. The most successful of the bunch was Steve McNair, a first-round pick in 1995. He didn’t break out until 1997, when he finally took over as the starter. His best years came with Mike Heimerdinger as offensive coordinator, the one OC who Fisher actually trusted to run something other than a dollar store version of the 1985 Bears.

Fisher’s other two first-round QBs were Vince Young and Jared Goff, and wooooooooooooo boy, those picks didn’t work out very well at all. In fact, fallout around both players helped Fisher get fired from the Titans and the Rams, that and the thrilling results he was able to put up with barely functioning offenses that he coached.

But John Fox is undeterred. Good luck with that Trubisky and the Bears! Good luck.