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Can this man earn an NFL linebacker’s friendship with breakfast tacos?

Jordan Hicks meets a total stranger who knows way, way too much about him.

At this point in my life, I go through most days without making a new friend. Sure, an acquaintance or associate here and there, but fewer opportunities to connect with individuals in meaningful, emotional ways. So when I was presented with the chance to build a special friendship with Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks, I jumped in my car and set forth on a journey neither of us will soon forget.

Jordan exemplifies strength, and not just with those muscles of his. He's an inspiration because of how he's been there for everyone in his life, no matter the circumstance. Combine that with his generosity and genuineness and you've got yourself the foundation for a good friend. I guess you could say it was just my lucky day.

How could I ever prove myself worthy, though? How do I show him what we have in common and what he would get from our friendship? How do I tell him who "Will" is? It may be tough, but if there's a friend at the end of the tunnel, I'll do whatever it takes.

So what do you say, Jordan Hicks: Will you be my friend?