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The NCAA’s 4 biggest titles are all currently held by the Carolinas

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Four schools in two states. Bojangles victory dinners for all.

We came pretty close to having the champions in college sports' four most popular competitions all come from the same state, with South Carolina making the men's Final Four and winning the women's. But North Carolina's redemption thriller over Gonzaga still means all of Cook Out country* is walking tall.

In football, Clemson won a similar redemption thriller over Alabama in the 2016 season's Playoff**, and in baseball, Coastal Carolina is the reigning College World Series champ (watch Clemson players celebrating that at the time), until June at least.

North Carolina has long been known as a home to basketball powers (only California equals its 13 all-time men's titles), Clemson's had previous spurts of football greatness, and the Palmetto State's been a steady CWS participant. But the Gamecocks' sudden emergence as a basketball school, via Dawn Staley and Frank Martin, has really rounded things out nicely.

A Cheerwine salute to you all, and today, we wave our shirts around our heads like helicopters for Carolina sports as a whole.

* Except for fans of Appalachian State, Charleston, Charleston Southern, Charlotte, The Citadel, Duke, East Carolina, Elon, Furman, Gardner-Webb, High Point, NC Central, NC State, North Carolina A&T, Presbyterian, South Carolina State, South Carolina Upstate, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Greensboro, UNC-Wilmington, Wake Forest, Western Carolina, Winthrop, and Wofford. Especially Duke.

** The College Football Playoff isn’t technically run by the NCAA, but the NCAA recognizes its champ.

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