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Frank Kaminsky schooled ESPN's Dan Dakich on why college players should be paid

Kaminsky just feels he should have made money off his image and likeness.

Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky and ESPN Radio 1070’s Dan Dakich got into a heated debate on Monday during the NCAA tournament championship game regarding payment as it pertains to college basketball players.

Dakich felt college basketball players get “paid” the cost of attending a university and, conversely, shouldn’t complain about any additional compensation, or lack thereof. After all, he spent four years playing at Indiana — a career highlighted by a stalwart defensive effort against Michael Jordan in his final game at North Carolina.

Dakich, though, played college hoops before there were video games, and before image and likeness became controversial topics in the basketball world.

Kaminsky, though, merely wanted to take advantage of his image while he was a star at Wisconsin.

Then things took a turn:

This time, Dakich took a jab at modern college basketball players, saying they don’t put in the same amount of work as players of previous generations. The evolution of the basketball game speaks otherwise.

In a nutshell: Some people feel college athletes should shut up and accept tuition and cost of attendance as forms of payment for the work they put in on the court. Others, like Kaminsky, understand that, but also want to capitalize on their school and league using their name and likeness to generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Kaminsky isn’t the only one who feels that way.

Nor is Dakich the only person to share his sentiments.

Still, Kaminsky made multiple valid points touching on his own experiences as a successful college basketball player who watched Wisconsin pocket money off his own image. Dakich took a more contrarian stance, as he’s done in past feuds.

Kaminsky 1, Dakich 0.