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CBS announces Tony Romo as lead NFL game analyst starting in the 2017 season

Romo’s new job is official.

CBS officially announced Tony Romo joining their broadcast team on Tuesday afternoon. Romo will become their lead NFL game analyst to start the 2017 season alongside Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson.

“When you think about the NFL, two of the most iconic brands are the Dallas Cowboys and CBS Sports,” Romo said in the CBS Sports release. “Going from one legendary team to another as I begin the next phase of my career is a dream come true. I have always known that once my playing career was over I wanted to become a broadcaster. I am ecstatic for the opportunity to work with Jim as I learn the craft and convey to fans my passion for this great game.”

Romo showed off his new uniform on Twitter as CBS made the announcement.

Romo will be taking over for Phil Simms alongside Nantz, a duo that has been in place for almost two decades. In the release, Chairman of CBS Sports Sean McManus said that Simms’ future would be discussed at the network.

With regards to Romo, McManus said, “Tony has been one of the NFL’s biggest stars for the past decade, and we are thrilled to welcome him to CBS Sports.”

“He will bring the same passion, enthusiasm and knowledge that he displayed on the field to the broadcast booth,” McManus added. “He brings a fresh and insightful perspective to our viewers having just stepped off the field. We know Tony will quickly develop into a terrific analyst, and alongside Jim Nantz, will become a must-listen for fans each week.”

As of right now, it appears Romo will be comfortably enjoying NFL Sundays in the broadcast booth, even as the Cowboys released him. Time will tell if that stands as the season progresses.

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