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Dak Prescott and his Cowboys teammates say farewell to Tony Romo

CBS’s newest lead NFL game analyst received well wishes from former teammates.

Tony Romo’s departure from the Dallas Cowboys finally became official today. The team released a statement, and CBS formally introduced him as its new lead NFL game analyst alongside Jim Nantz.

Romo took the reins as quarterback of the Cowboys in 2006 and was replaced by rookie Dak Prescott prior to the start of the 2016 season. Through the ups and downs, Romo had a good tenure in Dallas, which ended by helping Prescott grow.

Tuesday afternoon, Prescott posted a picture of him and the veteran on Instagram, thanking him for the mentorship.

Romo emotionally held a press conference in November, where he told reporters that Prescott had earned the right to be the quarterback of the team. Prescott’s message, while not unexpected, is a sign of respect for Romo.

Other Cowboys players bid farewell to Romo as well

Zeke got in on the Instagram farewell as well:

Terrance Williams called him the GOAT:

Tyrone Crawford was playful with his tweet about his now former quarterback:

Damien Wilson wanted Romo to stick around, but for other reasons:

But his closest friend through the years was Jason Witten. The veteran tight end began his career in the same season as Romo and he waited until Saturday to release a lengthy goodbye to the quarterback he has spent most of his career catching passes from:

J.J. Watt also showed appreciation towards Tony Romo

Tony Romo once saved Dallas but is now retiring