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J.J. Watt's 4th grade teacher is retiring after 41 years, so he surprised her with cake and sneakers

No YOU’RE crying.

Football players are heroes to many. J.J. Watt showed us another kind of hero who is too often forgotten on Monday — teachers.

Watt surprised his fourth grade teacher, Ms. Keefe, who is retiring after 41 years.

Watt brought a cake and some shoes to her classroom, and let’s just take a minute to admire this incredible cake.

Another part of the video that impressed me was that Keefe was willing to stop class completely to let everyone have cake. I guess when J.J. Watt shows up bearing gifts, you don’t question it. Plus, teaching for 41 years probably makes you a little flexible.

It’s also awesome to see all the students cheering — although Watt’s far away from his native Wisconsin, he’s still important to everyone there.

Thanks to him, Keefe and her husband are also able to travel to Houston for the Charity Classic, which is a charity softball game run by Watt’s foundation, in which the Texans play against each other.