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Derek Jeter reportedly interested in bidding for Miami Marlins

The Yankees great would not be the first person to move from New York to Miami after he retired.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins should be a glamorous, big-market franchise in the middle of a glamorous, metropolitan city. They should have pounced on the rare, remarkable opportunities that came with winning a championship in the fifth year they existed, and they should be talked about in the same breath as the Yankees right now.

If Derek Jeter has his way, the Marlins will be talked about in the same breath as the Yankees for years. According to Fox Business, Jeter is reportedly part of one of three competing groups for the Marlins.

Former New York Yankees star shortstop Derek Jeter has expressed interest in bidding for the team, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. He is being represented in talks with Marlins president David Samson by veteran Wall Street executive and former Morgan Stanley brokerage chief Gregory Fleming, who now runs his own investment banking boutique, the people say.

This doesn’t mean that Jeter will be the only owner. Or that he would be the principal owner. Or that he would be anything more than a minority investor. But it does mean that you might have to get used to the phrase, “Derek Jeter, face of the Marlins.”

Because Major League Baseball teams aren’t on the market every day, and because there is so much potential with the Marlins that noted slug-man Jeffrey Loria left on the table, there will be competition for the franchise. The biggest competition for the Marlins might come from a group led by Jeb Bush, according to Fox Business, though our shadowlords at Goldman Sachs might be supporting a third bid. So don’t get too used to idea of The Captain ambling onto the field at Marlins Park for a first pitch, waving to the crowd.

But you can probably get used to that image, if only because you will never be able to forget it.