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Yadier Molina got a baseball stuck to his chest protector, and it’s weirder than it sounds

I’m sure there’s an explanation for this.

Yadier Molina got a ball stuck to his chest protector. The baseball was literally stuck to his midsection as he looked around for it.

He was looking around for it because baseballs shouldn’t be stuck to a baseball player’s midsection.

Now, I’m sure there’s an honest explanation for this that isn’t as accusatory as “He was loading the ball up with pine tar to help his pitcher.” Here, I’ll spitball a few:

  1. Sometimes a fella just likes to dip his chest protector in agave syrup and lick it surreptitiously when his blood sugar gets low throughout the game.

See, lots of explanations. Hard to count them all, and none of them are too strange. Just a guy with his protective gear slathered in a sticky substance, to the point where a baseball can be thrown at 90 mph, bounce up with substantial force, and stick there like it was made out of industrial-strength velcro.

Nothing to see here.

Don’t know why I’m writing this, really. I guess because of the funny GIF!