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Welcome to the new SB Nation: Refresh and so clean

Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images; Edit: Alex Medina

Me again.* Hey.

By now you’ve noticed that a couple things have changed around this place. Fire, right? We’ve been sitting on this brand refresh for a while now, all in anticipation of today’s big reveal. At least we want it to feel like a big reveal. But there are a couple reasons it might not.

Lemme ‘splain.

What you’re seeing on SB Nation is pretty. There’s brains behind that beauty. Everything from the revamped logo to the layout to the color palette was chosen to reflect the heart of SB Nation, the content we do every day and the democracy of voices we want to invite to do sports with us.

When we initially started planning this refresh, we were hype about getting gussied up for the first time since initially launched. But the decision to refresh the brand made us think deeply, as a team, about what we do here. Our mission is in our DNA: SB Nation gives sports fans the place to be delighted, informed, and surprised. Together. Each piece of content that we create — from 3-1 blown lead memes to explaining how a little guy beats the big guys to nuanced commentary on the pressing issues of our day — is an invitation for sports fans to join us in our corner of the internet and marvel at what we’re seeing.

With that in mind, everything you’re seeing around the world of SB Nation points back at that mission. We create stuff because we get excited to talk with y’all about sports things that just happened. It’s a pact. We expect that you’ll want to find a way to participate in the conversation with us — by commenting or sharing or posting or subscribing — because, let’s face it, sports are more fun together. You’ll see our commitment to community in big ways in our content and in subtle ways through our design (all those cool patterns which remind us that each individual fan is part of the fabric of SB Nation.)

Where we’re going

Everywhere you are, basically. Whether you’re all up and through everything SB Nation or you’re cool with just following your favorite team brand or only listening to our podcasts or catching up to the news via our newsletters, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to come fan with us. That’s why you’re seeing a more mobile-friendly homepage that makes it easier to find what you want.

You didn’t know it until now, but you’ve already gotten a look at where SB Nation is going. We have some of the smartest voices around leading the conversation about sports from a national level and impassioned contributors who address the most granular concerns of the hardcore fan on our team brands. We’re leaning into connecting the dots between and our team brands, like we did when we opened the MLB season talking about the changing face of baseball and our baseball bloggers weighed in on what change means for their teams, or like what you’ll see this week when you read how we fixed football in our Football 3.0 package on, watch Solomon Thomas’ Origins story (we think he could be the future of football), and look in on our team brands’ assessments of who or what represents the future of their respective franchises.

You’ll also notice lots of videos across the SB Nation network that showcase the same authentic fan perspective as the rest of our editorial offerings. There’s gonna be even more because some things you just gotta see.

And we’ve always made efforts to go deep, delving into stories that need time and resources and reporting to come alive. Only now, we’re going to make sure that our Features program is devoted to marrying untold stories to new voices through audacious execution. Sometimes those stories will be told through text-based formats. And sometimes they won’t. But they’ll always be ambitious.

Understand this: today’s an unveiling. Tomorrow (and the next day, and the next) we’ll still be growing, pushing boundaries, and experimenting to keep the conversation moving forward because sports, and sports fans, keep evolving. Let’s do it together.

*There was some confusion from my other post. BGN is still awesome but don’t get it twisted. I’m still #whodatnation all day, word to Canal Street Chronicles.