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Jeff Fisher tells Rams players he was fired in 1st ‘All or Nothing’ trailer


On the surface, the Los Angeles Rams don’t seem like the most compelling choice to be featured on this season of Amazon’s All or Nothing. But the trailer for the new season holds one interesting tidbit — the moment Jeff Fisher announced to his players that he had been fired.

“We’ve had some great team meetings,” Fisher says as he paces in front of the room. “This is one that you’re probably going to remember, because I’m no longer your head coach.”

Fisher was fired by the Rams following a brutal 42-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14. The Rams haven’t finished with a record better than 8-8 since 2003.

The series chronicles the entire 2016 season from the team’s move to Los Angeles and the selection of quarterback Jared Goff with the first overall pick to its 4-12 finish.

Last year, the series showcased the Arizona Cardinals. It was highly entertaining for a number of reasons, mainly that Bruce Arians used profanity in the most inspiring way. The Cardinals were also one of the best teams in the NFL in 2015. They finished the regular season 13-3 and suffered a heartbreaking NFC Championship loss to the Carolina Panthers.

This isn’t the first time the Rams are starring on a reality TV series, either. They were featured on Hard Knocks last season, too. There was the drama of the quarterback competition between Goff and Case Keenum and the stress and strain for players and personnel who had to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

And it was a snoozefest.

But seeing Fisher announce the end of his tenure with the Rams to his players on All of Nothing is much more riveting than the rest of the Rams’ 7 and 9 bullshit.