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Cam Newton’s pregame cleats are now available for purchase, minus the foxtail

There are four different styles to select from, all of which provide very different vibes.

The only thing unfortunate about pregame cleats is that NFL players can’t wear them for four quarters. They’ve been a staple of Cam Newton’s routine. He’s been known to rock a variety of colorful and well-designed cleats.

Some of the cleats that we saw during the course of the 2016 season will now be available in Newton’s signature limited edition cleats from Under Armour. The C1N MC LE are being sold for $170 a pop.

There are four colorways of the cleats. The first one: a pair of gold and white cleats with black zig zags all over them that Newton wore before the game against the Saints in Week 11.

The originals had a foxtail attached, and while these don’t, most people wouldn’t have the guts to wear them like that anyway. We know that’s not the case for Cam, though.

Your rose gold iPhone is now a wonderful football accessory thanks to this pair of cleats.

It’s a much more plain design, but the colorway is very distinct. They won’t look nearly as good before playing in them, but those bottoms look super clean.

If you’re a person interested in royalty, this next pair is for you.

The purple sticks out just enough, with a gold paisley design. Bright and unusual colors are usually the extent to which cleats go, but the paisley is another step in a direction only Cam Newton would go (although Prince would have, RIP).

Sweet cleats don’t need to always be flashy, though. Subtle features about this next pair make them cool, and much more tame.

At the ankles are all signs you’d find on the buttons of a PlayStation controller. At the bottom is a black base, but it appears to change color based on the way the light reflects.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of these masterpieces, you could get them at Eastbay, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and, per the Charlotte Observer.

Lace ‘em up, y’all.