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Jeff Fisher's entire underwhelming NFL career can be summed up in 20 seconds of reality TV clips

He made an art of skating by, but his hubris finally caught up to him thanks to reality TV.

No one person typified the NFL’s dedication to coaching mediocrity the way Jeff Fisher did over the course of his 22-year career. Well, 21.8 years, thanks to Los Angeles sports hero Eric Dickerson.

There was nothing remarkable about those years other than Fisher convincing everyone he was a good coach for more than two decades. NFL owners bought it and a lot of the people who cover the game professionally just accepted it. He’s been around this long, ergo he must know what he’s doing.

In truth, his secret was a simple one — flying under the radar and offering a weekly graduate-level seminar in excuse making. Seriously, he never lost a game as the Rams’ head coach that was his fault. And he lost a lot of games on his way to tying the NFL record for the most losses EVER by a head coach.

Moving to Los Angeles, ostensibly one of the main reasons for getting the Rams job in the first place, ultimately did him in.

Thanks to the team’s drive to be a content company that plays a little football on side, we’ve got three different reality shows chronicling the team in just one year since moving to L.A. Two clips, 20 seconds of video, from those shows — last August’s Hard Knocks and announcing his firing on the forthcoming All or Nothing — perfectly encapsulate the entirety of Fisher’s 22-year career.