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Celtics arrived in all-black for the Wizards' playoff 'funeral game'

The Wizards arrived in all black against the Celtics back in January. Now Boston is returning the favor in an elimination game.

The Boston Celtics arrived to the Verizon Center in all-black outfits for their Game 6 matchup against the Washington Wizards on Friday, which was apparently Isaiah Thomas’ idea. The Celtics currently hold a 3-2 series lead with the opportunity to eliminate the Wizards on their own home floor.

The all-black attire isn’t an original idea. In fact, it was a delayed response to the Wizards, who dressed in all-black for their Jan. 24 “funeral game” against the Celtics. Washington ended up winning that game, 123-108.

The Celtics-Wizards series has been yet another installment to a season-long rivalry, one that’s evolved into the pettiest in the league. The outcome Friday night could set the stage for an emotionally charged Game 7 back in Boston.

So far, the home team has won every game of this series. The Celtics will need that trend to continue if they hope to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals and earn a dance with LeBron JamesCleveland Cavaliers.