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Eddie Lacy earned $55K for weighing less than 255 pounds today

Today is Lacy’s first weigh-in for the weight clause in his contract with the Seahawks.

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Eddie Lacy had a chance to make a little extra money this week. The Seattle Seahawks put a weight incentive clause into his contract, and as long as Lacy clocked in under 255 pounds at his first weigh-in on Monday, he was set to earn $55,000, according to ESPN’s Field Yates.

According to Lacy’s agents, SportsTrust Advisors, there’s a hefty check coming Lacy’s way.

There are monthly weigh-ins scheduled for Lacy, and each one will carry a $55,000 bonus if he hits the target weight for each one. The Seahawks want Lacy to be down to 250 pounds in July and August. By the time the season rolls around, the team wants Lacy to maintain his weight at 245 pounds from September through December.

Lacy reportedly weighed 267 pounds at one visit with a team as a free agent, so he had 12 pounds to drop by Monday. Head coach Pete Carroll didn’t seem too concerned about Lacy’s ability to get down to the target weight.

"He’s a big back," Carroll said on 710 ESPN Seattle. “He’s a big guy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. But there will be a real concerted effort to make sure he’s at his very best."

And the team was planning to support Lacy in his efforts to get down to the target playing weight.

"We have a real target for him," Carroll said. "We’ll be on it on a regular basis and we’ll keep him in great shape."

Lacy’s size can be an asset, and the injuries that slowed him down with the Packers weren’t related to his weight. But being at a healthy playing weight should make him more effective on the field, and the prospect of an extra $55,000 each month is a pretty compelling incentive.