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Doris Burke was able to make Gregg Popovich smile during in-game interview

Doris Burke remains a legend.

Doris Burke has been on a roll lately when it comes to usually intimidating sideline interviews with Gregg Popovich.

On Sunday, she turned the tables on Popovich as a Mother’s Day gift to herself in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

Tuesday during Game 2, Burke did it yet again.

Burke asked Popovich what he saw from the San Antonio Spurs in the first quarter. Popovich responded with one of his typical, short answers saying, “We didn’t score.”

“Think it’s in my best interest, Mike [Breen], to leave it at that,” Burke said. She looked at Popovich, and turned away.

It was so dang smooth, that even Pop himself had to smile at how Burke finessed the interview. It was a surgical performance.

You may now refer to her as “the Pop stopper.”