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LaVar Ball disrespects FS1's Kristine Leahy: 'Stay in your lane'

Ball also suggested only women’s companies need to have women like their brands to be successful.

On the latest episode of LaVar Ball speaks when he shouldn’t, the outspoken father to UCLA standout and likely second overall draft pick Lonzo Ball made rude comments directed at FOX Sports reporter Kristine Leahy while on The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday.

Ball told Leahy to “stay in your lane” after she asked for a specific number of sneakers Big Baller Brand had sold following its early May debut of Lonzo’s ZO2: Prime and Wet sneakers. He never faced in her direction for the duration of the interview, answering her questions instead to Cowherd.

“I don’t look over there because she scares me,” Ball said, facing Cowherd. “I’m thinking assault right now. Leave me alone, I’ll tell you right now: 4-500 pairs.”

When Leahy asked what his problem with her was, Ball replied that she was a “hater” for a stance she had taken on Big Baller Brand in the past.

“[You said you would never wear] something that says Big Baller on it,” Ball said. “With all due respect, you’re a great reporter. Just not reporting on me.”

This didn’t come out of nowhere

Leahy had been critical of the Big Baller Brand in the past. She went on FOX Sports 1’s Speak For Yourself moments after the brand unveiled its signature shoe and blasted Ball for not marketing to women.

“First you hear that adidas and Under Armour and Nike are all not interested in doing a deal with the Ball family. And what stand out to me is that he wants to be this big mogul, but in order to be one you have to think like one,” Leahy said in a tirade on Fox Sports One’s Speak for Yourself the same day Big Baller Brand unveiled its first shoe. “And if you look at Nike, adidas, Under Armour, they all play to women; men and women, equally. I would wear all their stuff.

“I would never wear a shirt that says Big Baller Brand. Ever,” she continued, before slamming Ball for the $495 price tag.

Still, Ball’s comments were uncalled for. That says a lot for a person who has consistently pushed the envelope every time he’s stepped in front of a mic. Ball is a hot interview and goes viral every time he says something.

This time, though, he’s gone viral for the wrong reason. And he’ll need to backtrack on his latest sexist comments if he wants to win favor in the public eye again.