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What's the biggest movie no one remembers anything about?

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You’ve probably seen a lot of movies. A lot of them were big movies that a lot of other people also saw.

But what about movies that pretty much everybody saw ... but whose plots escape you now? What’s a movie that made half a billion dollars, but somehow left little cultural impact other than all that money changing hands?

The rule: this must be a movie that you saw and that a lot of other people also saw, but that you and/or most people like you barely remember.

Here are some of ours. Agree? Disagree? Add yours below!

The Mark Wahlberg Planet Of The Apes ($362.2 million box office)

I know Wahlberg is in it, and I know there’s a thing where they’re all, “get your hands off me you damn dirty human,” and it’s a nod to the original. And I think Wahlberg plays an astronaut, which is probably where my brain decided it needed to bail because no, it’s not buying Wahlberg beating out dozens of accomplished scientists and pilots to become part of the space program.

Also, after I saw this movie in the theater, we snuck into Jurassic Park III, a movie so terrible that I remember way, way more of it than I would like to. Including the part where Alan Grant imagines he’s on a plane with a velociraptor that talks to him. — Ryan Nanni

Any Daniel Craig James Bond movie ($840.3 million, total)

The only part of any of these I remember is the torture scene from Casino Royale. You know the one. There is naked Daniel Craig, a wicker chair, and a whole lotta sweat. — Jessica Smetana

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl ($654.3 million)

My sister owned this DVD and wore it out, so I didn’t just forget the plot after seeing it once. I’ve seen it beginning to end at least twice and parts of it another two dozen times.

I remember the opening scene. Johnny Depp is trying to save his sinking boat, sees some dead guys, and smoothly steps from the mast onto a dock as his ship becomes fully submerged. It gets blurry from there.

I know Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have a love story. I’m pretty sure it’s about her being royalty, him being broke, and her dad not approving.

Then there’s like 90 minutes of pirate stuff. Do they find some treasure near the climax? Probably? — Kevin McCauley

American Sniper ($547.4 million)

The only thing you remember is the fake baby. — Tim Cato

Transformers: Dark of the Moon ($1.1 billion)

I’m pretty sure Transformers: Dark of the Moon was the second in the series. Honestly, all the friggin’ movies run together. There are no Transformers movies; there’s just one long Michael Bay stream of consciousness about robots and cross-branding.

JFK sends a mission to the moon, where they discover there are robots, and I think that’s why he was assassinated. Shia LeBouef doesn’t have a job and whines about it to his robot friends, who are also sick of his shit. There’s a love interest.

Everything seems okay on earth, but it turns out the Decepticons are on the moon. Like, they hid themselves on the dark side of the moon for 50 years.

Robots fight. The Autobots win. — James Dator

Crash (Academy Award for Best Picture)

Dayana Sarkisova: i feel like Crash is one everyone talks about but i dont remember what its about at all
there’s a bus and sandra bullock and the guy from the matrix
Seth Rosenthal: that's speed
Dayana: oh
Seth: crash is “look we solved racism”
Dayana: welp

The Amazing Spider-Man ($757.9 million)

Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker, Emma Stone plays Mary Jane, and Sally Field plays Parker's aunt. I do remember Jamie Foxx being in this reboot, but that might have been in the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Let's see ... oh, there's a spider bite. Gotta have that in the Spider-Man origin story. It doesn't give Garfield the ability to produce webbing; he shoots webs from some gadget that attaches to his wrists. There's product placement for Bing. That’s ... about all I remember.

There's another Spider-Man reboot coming this summer that's supposed to be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After realizing how little I remember about The Amazing Spider-Man, it's probably for the best. — Mark Hinog

Avatar ($2.8 billion)

Glitter (only $5.3 million, but OK, listen, hear Elena out first)

Gonna get liberal with the idea that this was a “big” movie. Big = widely known, IMO, and this one fits. It’s a better punchline than people realize. No one remembers (because no one saw) Da Brat as the most entertaining backup singer of all time and Padma Lakshmi screeching as Mariah’s tone deaf rival (TOP CHEF RAW VOCALS). Most overlooked part of the whole thing, though, was that this was basically the role where Terrence Howard originated Lucious Lyon. — Elena Bergeron

Your turn!