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What song would you sign your rookie contract to?

Myles Garrett chose Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” but there’s plenty of ways to go here.

Myles Garrett signed his rookie contract with the Cleveland Browns on Friday, a deal that’s worth up to $30.4 million with more than $20 million guaranteed. That’s a lot of dough, yo.

The best part? He signed it to Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose.” It’s nice signing a $30 million contract, but it’s better when you do it to an awesome song.

There’s so many ways you could go with selecting a song to sign such a meaningful contract to. It could just be a favorite of yours, something that reflects the moment, or a song to get just you pumped up. There’s no one right answer, and with that said...

Here’s what our songs would be if we were the No. 1 pick

Meek Mill - “Maybach Curtains”

I’m going the more dramatic route with my song, being all the way in the moment. The hook is beautifully sang by John Legend, and also reflects a purchase that I would like to make with my deal — a Maybach.

Look how far we came
Through the fire, I stood knowing we would reign
Feels like yesterday when all this was a dream
Through these Maybach curtains I see how life has changed

Victor Oladipo also sang his own rendition, which was impressive.

Like Nas said, “I made it so I'm chillin' now, transparent ceiling now.” - Harry Lyles Jr.

Lil Uzi Vert - “Sideline Watching”

Okay, my song would be Lil Uzi Vert’s “Sideline Watching.” Why? In the lyrics, I like when he says, “Let me catch my breath. Let me count these checks.” Whenever my lucrative checks come in the mail each month, I’ll literally have to catch my breath because it’s going to be a lot of money, folks.

Let me catch my breath (Yeah)
Let me count these checks (What)
Flex on my ex (Yeah)
I don't got no respect (I don't, I don't)

No, I won't “flex on my ex.” I’ll just count the checks. - Kaleel Weatherly

Sonic Youth - “Teenage Riot”

If I’m going to let a song speak for me, it’s central message has to be “fuck you.” Fuck who? It, them, the other, whatever mass produced trash our corporate betters have co-opted and forced on us that day/week/month/decade/generation. “Teenage Riot” was probably Sonic Youth’s most approachable song, there are recognizable hooks tucked into the trashcan guitar sound. It’s pop music for an imagined world where Pee Wee Herman could be on Mt. Rushmore, but Mt. Rushmore wouldn’t exist as a monument to old white capitalists on stolen land in South Dakota. It would be projected on the side of a burned out Trump Tower, a skyscraper devoid of suits and stuffed instead with people listening to loud music and ingesting lots of psychedelic drugs. We’ll tear down patriarchy, capitalism, corporate hegemony and we’ll do it one pop hook at a time. — Ryan Van Bibber

Kanye West - “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

It has to be Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” because it would capture the moment perfectly. You’re getting your money, and proving everybody wrong that ever doubted you in the process.

La, la, la la
Wait 'til I get my money right
La, la, la la
Then you can't tell me nothing, right?
Excuse me, was you saying something?
Uh uh, you can't tell me nothing
You can't tell me nothing
Uh uh, you can't tell me nothing

- Morgan Moriarty

Simple Minds - “Alive and Kicking”

If I'm signing a multi-million dollar contract, I want my song to say: "This is a monumental, life-changing moment. Let's acknowledge that briefly and then smile real big." And my favorite music tastes tend to gravitate toward "let's contemplate the meaning of the world around us" type of indie. That, and nostalgic pop music.

Simple Minds' "Alive and Kicking" seamlessly merges all of that into one song. It's a recognizable tune, but not overplayed like "Don't You (Forget About Me),” which pretty much only a show like The Handmaid's Tale can get away with using anymore.

Most importantly, it's a total montage song. I don't want to say anything when I sign — I'll let Jim Kerr & Co. do that for me. — Sarah Hardy

Pink Floyd - “Have a Cigar”

I most certainly am signing that contract while listening to “Have a Cigar” by Pink Floyd. Yes, I know the song is really about corporate greed and selling your soul, talents, and labor to “the man” but wait hey, isn’t that what the NFL is all about?!

Still a dope song.

And did we tell you the name of the game, boy?
We call it "Riding The Gravy Train".

- Jessica Smetana

What would your song be? Let us know in the comments.