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Bills rescind UDFA offer for WR Keevan Lucas minutes after he announces signing to his own draft party

But there’s good news!

Oklahoma Sooners v Tulsa Golden Hurricanes Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Keevan Lucas, a wide receiver out of Tulsa, had a rather stressful experience in NFL draft this past weekend. Lucas went undrafted and not only did he haveto wait all seven rounds just to be passed on entirely, but he then had to essentially be teased by a pair of teams.

Lucas threw a party with nearly 300 people gathered to hear his name called in the draft. After he wasn’t drafted, he received a call from the Bills saying they wanted to sign him. He announced it in front of his friends and tweeted about it, only to have the Bills call back to withdraw the offer because of medical concerns.

Lucas spoke to KTXS about the situation:

Lucas tore his meniscus in his left knee in high school, as well as his patella tendon in his right knee at Tulsa. He was still one of the best receivers ever at Tulsa, with 3,250 career yards and 32 touchdown receptions, tied for best in school history.

After being spurned by the Bills, the Rams then did the same thing, picking up the phone and expressing their interest to sign him, before calling his agent to withdraw interest, per FOX 23. The Seahawks offered Lucas to come try out, but only if he’d sign a medical waiver agreeing to pay for surgery or rehab if he got hurt.

Finally, the Jets called on Sunday. The team invited Lucas to try out Thursday through Sunday — rather than outright signing him — and will know whether or not he makes the team at the end of the weekend.

Before the NFL Combine, Lucas told Tulsa World, “I feel like I need that one opportunity — one person, one team to take a chance on me.” He added, “Once I get that one opportunity, I promise I’m not going to go home. I’m going to put in all the work needed and bring a positive attitude every day.”

While the draft process wasn’t a pleasant one throughout for Lucas, he’s going to have his chance to showcase his talents at the NFL level.