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Man saves girl after sea lion drags her into the water

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Shout-out to this hero!

Today in don’t mess with Mother Nature: This absolutely gigantic sea lion drags a small girl into the waters off Steveston, British Columbia.

Before you watch, just know that her family members and some heroic bystanders immediately pulled her out of the water.

The video starts out calmly enough, with some folks pointing at and feeding a sea lion in a harbor. But it’s easy to see the sea lion looks a bit agitated. It pops out of the water, nipping at a little girl’s face. (It doesn’t bite her, but she draws back.)

The tourists/viewers stay near the water, though, exclaiming and waving their hands at the animal. The sea lion comes back and grabs the girl by the dress, pulling her into the murky water.

A man jumps in immediately after her, and someone pulls them both to safety. The girl is then rushed away by her family members.

Props to the man who jumped in and grabbed her without a second thought. He lost his sunglasses and certainly his phone in the water.

It’s unclear if he was a family member or just a bystander, but he made sure a bad situation didn’t get worse. Someone needs to buy him new sunglasses, at the very least!

The lesson here is clear though: Just because an animal looks cute, it’s still in the wild. It’s always best to use caution and keep your distance.