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The NFL might finally be easing up in its War on Fun

Make the NFL fun again.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last night I had a dream. In that dreamland, I watched a wide receiver catch a 38-yard pass and run it all the way into the end zone. As soon as the ref threw his arms up in the air, the player put the ball on the ground and thrusted his hips, once, twice, three, and four times. Fans watching in the seats gave their own joyous gyrations in return. An orgy of fun.

In another dream a cornerback rudely grabbed an errant pass before it could make it to a waiting running back in the flat. Eight seconds and 60 yards later, pick six. He threw the ball into the air and shot it down with an imaginary arrow fired from a bow he conjured up from space.

There were no flags thrown in my dreams. That’s how I knew it wasn’t real. The NFL would never allow players to have this kind of fun ... or would they?

They might! Owners are gathering in Chicago this week to make a few rule changes, one of which is an easing of the league’s War on Fun.

According to Peter King of The MMQB, commissioner Roger Goodell, the commanding general in the league’s War on Fun, has been meeting with players throughout the spring to work on easing the celebration penalties. We still don’t know what the new rule(s) will look like, but one change that’s likely coming is that the ball will probably be in play as a prop again without incurring a penalty and a fine.

An NFL where players are having fun and fans are having fun watching them? Maybe it doesn’t have to be a dream.

(Next, can we do something about the nightmare that is Thursday Night Football?)