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The Yankees have installed ‘The Judge’s Chambers’ to honor Aaron Judge, their extremely large homer man

All rise for Aaron Judge, home run monster from beneath the sea.

Aaron Judge — what happens when a slab of granite loves a physical manifestation of a long home run very, very much — is being honored with his own section at Yankee Stadium.

Behold, the Judge’s Chambers!

The faux wood will be installed in section 104, behind where Judge plays in right field, and the Yankees are reportedly interested in filling the section with attendees from charity groups and non-profit organizations. Fans sitting in the section will also receive Styrofoam gavels to keep and robes that they’ll need to return.

Yankees fans are thrilled, as you could imagine.

Sure, it will be ironic when one of these fans sitting in the section is sent to the ER after a Judge home run. But we should celebrate our cherubic Brobdingnagian dingerlord as early and often as possible. The Yankees are so excited about Aaron Judge, they’ve given him his own section.

You can’t really blame them.