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Explore the world of ’90s CFL trading cards

Please note: These cards are only offered in loaf form.

At some point in my youth, sports trading card companies made a big deal of telling everyone that they’d added ultraviolet protection to the surface of the cards. I’m not entirely sure why this was, since the kids I knew either kept their cards in a book (which already blocked the sun) or just in a shoe box or backpack compartment or something, in which case they didn’t seem to super care about maintaining the card’s value. Sure, some kids had fancy display cases, but I don’t think they were putting them on a table in their solariums.

Anyways, Jon and I got these sealed boxes of CFL cards that boasted of this same protection. Couple that with the fact that nobody had ever opened the packs inside, and these cards were SUPER protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Was this enough for the manufacturer?

No. No, it was not. They took one extra step to help protect almost every card in the pack. They let them all get stuck into one card brick.