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Roger Goodell tweeted a ‘Key & Peele’ joke after NFL relaxed celebration rules

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The NFL’s straight-laced commissioner actually said something kind of funny.

Roger Goodell is known for a lot of things: Cracking down on fun, botching player discipline issues, and avoiding the Patriots like the plague after Deflategate. What he’s not known for is making jokes, but Goodell tried to change that on Tuesday.

After the NFL decided to relax its restrictions on player celebrations, Goodell had an admonition for comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

Players have been known to emulate the touchdown celebration dance Key performed as Hingle McCringleberry on Key & Peele.

And Goodell came down pretty hard on Key in this promo for NFL Honors, which Key hosted in 2017.

The league did relax rules about group celebrations, using the ball as a prop, and going to the ground as part of a celebration. Any dance that mimes using a weapon or violence toward other players is still banned, and players can’t do “prolonged” celebrations that delay the game.

And the league still won’t let players get away with dances it deems sexually suggestive. That includes Hingle McCringleberry’s three pumps.

Michael Bennett, who said last season that “two pumps gets you a baby; three pumps gets you a fine,” will have to keep that thrusting under control if he doesn’t want to pony up next season.

And Von Miller, who once said “them pumps are expensive,” had the support of Key & Peele when he was fined $11,000 for a suggestive dance in 2015. The comedic duo gave the amount of Miller’s fine to his charity, Von’s Vision, after Miller was penalized for a three-pump celebration.

Roger Goodell’s got jokes, but we wish that sense of humor extended to these touchdown dances.