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Odell Beckham Jr. signs biggest Nike shoe deal ever for NFL player

Adidas made a run for him, but he decided to stay with the swoosh.

Oregon v North Carolina Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Odell Beckham Jr. has signed the most lucrative shoe deal ever for an NFL player, according to Nick DePaula of Nice Kicks. The deal is worth more than $25 million over five years.

DePaula reports that Beckham’s deal with Nike was set to expire on May 1. He and his agent, Zeke Sandhu, heard pitches from both Nike and Adidas. Adidas had offered Beckham a deal, and Nike had 10 days to match the offer, similar to how restricted free agency works. Nike opted to match that deal on Tuesday.

Beckham is one of the best recognized players for his variety of footwear on the football field. As far as sneaker deals go for NFL players, he’s the biggest catch for any brand.

He’s stylish and loves to rock the latest sneakers off the field as well.

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On the field, we should keep expecting to see Beckham in some colorful customs prior to games. If the NFL decides to loosen its restrictions on cleats in the future, we could expect to see them in-game as well.

He’s had patriotic tributes:

He also paid tribute to the late Craig Sager:

Beckham’s deal with Nike is large compared to what he’s making with the Giants. He’s still on his rookie deal, which he signed for four years and $10.4 million.

There’s not many prize players for brands in the NFL, but Beckham is the greatest of them all and will be staying with the king of sneaker brands.

While Beckham’s deal is nice, it doesn’t compare to the lifetime deal LeBron James received from Nike in December of 2015.