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How did you become a fan of your NFL team?

Here are some fun stories. You can also tell us your own!

SB Nation’s team sites have taken on a fresh new look, just like the mothership did. The makeover inspired our team blogs to tell the tales of how everybody became fans of their teams, and some of them are pretty darn great.

We wanted to share some of the best stories from our NFL team blogs, which bring you news and insight at a level that only a fan of your team could deliver.

Getting a star receiver in Terrell Owens did the trick in making new Eagles fans:

There are two words that explain why I became an Eagles fan. Well, two letters, actually.



I instantly found myself so much more drawn to the Eagles after they got Terrell Owens. As my understanding of football was maturing, I simply loved the idea of getting a huge wide receiver with an even bigger personality. I understood he was the missing piece that was going to put the Eagles over the top. I remember first seeing him on the news cooking up cheesesteaks (and he wouldn’t eat one because he was a health freak) and I couldn’t have been more excited.

For some, a pretty logo could make you a Cowboys fan:

Back when I was just a wee lad, on Jan. 16, 1972 (yes I'm old, no jokes!), I watched the Cowboys play the Dolphins in a Super Bowl. I don't remember anything about the game. I just remember that helmet with the star on it. I thought that was the coolest thing in the world. Ever since then, no matter where I lived or who I met, I was a Cowboys fan. I've lived and died with the team through the good times in the ‘70s, and the great times in the early ‘90s, but I've also endured the terrible times like the late ‘80s. I cheered when Butch Johnson made his circus catch in the Super Bowl and cried when Jackie Smith dropped a sure touchdown. I had to throw a few things when Dwight Clark made The Catch, but got my revenge when the Triplets ruled.

Never in all that time have I lost my passion for the Cowboys.

It could be an accident, after having no other allegiances, and you become a Falcons fan:

I grew up during a time when the Patriots were a pretty sad sack franchise, having made it to one Super Bowl and then sort of fading back into irrelevance for my formative years. To the extent that my parents were football fans, they were fairly non-serious ones. My dad was a Packers fan who had only had a light attachment to the Pats, my mom grew up a Vikings fan thanks to a healthy crush on Fran Tarkenton. There was no real pressure to choose a team in that house, and the Falcons crept into the vacuum.

Becoming a Browns fan can have a good start to it:

Regarding my initiation to being a Browns fan, the very early stages began during the 1999 season, when I remember hearing the team’s first victory on a Hail Mary against the Saints. I was somewhat fortunate to have not suffered through the realization of what the heck was happening when Art Modell abandoned Cleveland for Baltimore. I was too young at the time, and with the Cleveland Indians having a ridiculously good team, they were my No. 1 team by far.

There’s no other option in your city (Jacksonville), until there is:

Why am I a fan? There wasn't much in the way of professional sports in Jacksonville when I was a kid. We had minor league baseball's Jacksonville Suns and with Atlanta Braves games broadcast in our city, I thought I'd grow up with baseball as the sport in our house.

And then the Jaguars happened.

That 1995 season was a whirlwind and after the 1996 season I was hooked. Winning seven straight, recording the radio broadcasts on cassette tapes, listening again and again and again to Morten Andersen's miss, watching Mark Brunell run with winged feet in what would become the Mile High Upset -- the window closed just a few short years later and the magic has yet to descend upon Duval in quite the same way, but I'm still hooked.

National exposure and a friendly rival in a teacher created 49ers fandom:

I grew up in Las Vegas. My dad is a Patriots fan, but we focused more on baseball in the ‘80s. I had become a John Elway fan as I was starting to read more sports-related books, but then fourth grade arrived. The 49ers had last been in the Super Bowl following the 1984 season, before I really remembered much about sports. In 1988, the 49ers were on TV a decent amount where I lived, and I found myself becoming a fan of them, and Joe Montana in particular.

That winter, I got a 49ers T-shirt for Christmas. My fourth grade teacher happened to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan. Somehow that is the first real instance of my own trash-talk. I think having something resembling a friendly rival in my teacher somehow made me that much more excited to see the 49ers win the Super Bowl. They would go on to win that year and the following year, and I was hooked.

If you’re born in Wisconsin, you’re born a Packers fan:

As a child of the early ‘90’s in Wisconsin, Packers fandom was a birthright. I vaguely remember Brett Favre’s first game as a Packer, but what really locked me into my football allegiances — both to the Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers — was the 1993 football season. More accurately, it was the postseason games that year that did it. Both teams were pulling themselves up out of the doldrums of decades of losing, and I just happened to be getting old enough to appreciate football at the right time.

Head over to your favorite NFL team’s blog to share your own story.