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Did Spike Lee just break news that Colin Kaepernick signed with the Seahawks?

Spike Lee posted on Instagram that Colin Kaepernick is no longer a free agent.

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The free agency of Colin Kaepernick has been one of the major storylines of the NFL offseason with every reporter tracking each team’s potential interest. But it was movie director Spike Lee who apparently got the scoop Saturday, posting a congratulations to the quarterback on Instagram for signing with the Seattle Seahawks.

It looks like a false alarm, though. Lee has since deleted his post and Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times tweeted that news of a signing were premature and inaccurate.

But Kaepernick signing with the Seahawks has seemed like an inevitable outcome after the quarterback visited the team earlier in the week. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport guessed Wednesday the Seahawks would make the signing official sometime during the three-day Memorial Day weekend.

Here is the since-deleted Instagram posted by Lee:

For those who can’t see the caption, it reads:

“Big Love Shoutout To The Head Coach Pete Carroll For Signing My Brother Colin Kaepernick To The Seattle Seahawks. The Truth Is On Your Side. Much Success For The Coming NFL Season.”

Previously in non-NFL reporters breaking NFL news, actor Rob Lowe tweeted after the 2012 season that Peyton Manning would retire due to the neck injury that caused him to miss an entire season. That turned out to be false, and Manning played four seasons with the Denver Broncos before calling it a career.

Hopefully Lee’s sources are more accurate than Lowe’s.